The document ISO 26000:2010 needs to be purchased. Here you find sources and prices. Thanks go to Bart Slob and his LinkedIn Group on ISO 26000, who collected this data, see the original Excel sheet at, and his permission to reproduce them here.

Rather than paying up to €171 to ANSI (USA) or €157 to ISO, you can buy the English version as the South African national standard SANS 26000, which is identical to ISO 26000:2010, from the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) for only €30.
INTECO in Costa Rica offers the official Spanish version at the bargain price of only €31.
The “cheapest” French version is available as NF ISO 26000 at AFNOR for €121.

It seems to be worthwhile mentioning here that ISO Council was approached twice by the working group ISO 26000 (WG SR) with the request to make the guidance standard available for free or at least for printing and shipping costs only. This was twice denied because ISO didn’t want to make a specific exception from its pricing policy for a standard on “social responsibility”. On the one hand, this policy can be understood, on the other hand the decision is a lost opportunity to promote the use of ISO 26000 globally.

Adam Greene, representative of IOE (the International Organization of Employers) and chairman of the ISG (Industry Stakeholder Group of the ISO 26000 project) has summarized in a perfect way the three main reasons why ISO is well advised to reconsider its pricing policy, as contribution to the LinkedIn discussion in November 2012:

“There are three main reasons to put ISO 26000 in the public domain:

> The first is that it stands alone as the only international resource on SR that must be purchased – ALL the rest (OECD, UN, GRI, GSCP, etc.) are publicly available.

> The second is that the vast majority of the substantive content of ISO 26000 is drawn from authoritative inter-governmental documents (UN conventions, declarations, etc.) that are all publicly available – so ISO 26000 uses text drawn from public sources and then copyrights it. Indeed, UN and other governments can’t (or shouldn’t) even promote ISO 26000 since it is a private product for sale.

> And third, ISO’s business model is based on commercial standards where the users have a commercial interest in both developing and using the standard, so selling the output makes sense. That is not the case with ISO 26000, which is why ISO’s normal pricing model has become a serious barrier to widespread dissemination and use of the guidance.

You find the addresses of ISO member bodies (column 2 in this table) at There you click on e.g. SABS if you want to see the details of the South African Bureau of Standards including the source of purchasing ISO 26000.
It should be mentioned that so-called “national implementations” of ISO 26000 (like “UNI ISO 26000:2010” in Italy) are in substance identical with the ISO document.

Country Standards body / organization Language Price (excl. VAT) US dollars Euros Standard number
Argentina IRAM Spanish ARS                   418 USD                     97 EUR                      75 IRAM-ISO 26000
Austria ONR German EUR                     93 USD                  121 EUR                      93 ONR ISO 26000
Austria ONR English EUR                     93 USD                  121 EUR                      93 ISO 26000:2010
Belgium NBN Dutch EUR                  130 USD                  169 EUR                   130 NBN ISO 26000 NL : 2011
Belgium NBN French EUR                  130 USD                  169 EUR                   130 NBN ISO 26000 : 2011
Brazil ABNT Portuguese BRL                   196 USD                  106 EUR                      81 ABNT NBR ISO 26000:2010
Canada SSC English CAD                  231 USD                  223 EUR                   171 ISO 26000:2010
Chile INN Spanish CLP           49.500 USD                     94 EUR                      74 NCh-ISO 26000:2010
Costa Rica INTECO Spanish CRC           20.500 USD                     41 EUR                      31 INTE-ISO 26000:2010
Denmark DS English DKK                  780 USD                  137 EUR                   105 DS/ISO 26000:2010
Finland SFS Finnish EUR                  120 USD                  156 EUR                   120 SFS-ISO 26000
Finland SFS English EUR                  169 USD                  220 EUR                   169 ISO 26000:2010
France AFNOR French EUR                  121 USD                  157 EUR                   121 NF ISO 26000
Germany DIN German EUR                  119 USD                  155 EUR                   119 DIN ISO 26000
Germany DIN English EUR                  149 USD                  194 EUR                   149 DIN ISO 26000
Ireland NSAI English EUR                     80 USD                  104 EUR                      80 I.S. ISO 26000
Italy UNI English EUR                     91 USD                  119 EUR                      91 UNI ISO 26000:2010
Italy UNI Italian EUR                  109 USD                  141 EUR                   109 UNI ISO 26000:2010
Netherlands NEN English EUR                  119 USD                  155 EUR                   119 NEN-ISO 26000:2010 en
Netherlands NEN Dutch EUR                  139 USD                  181 EUR                   139 NEN-ISO 26000:2010 nl
Norway SN English NOK                 900 USD                  151 EUR                   116 NS-ISO 26000.2010
Norway SN Norwegian NOK             1.043 USD                  175 EUR                   134 NS-ISO 26000.2010
South Africa SABS English ZAR                   324 USD                     39 EUR                      30 SANS 26000:2010
South Africa SABS English ZAR              1.076 USD                  129 EUR                      99 ISO 26000:2010
Sweden SIS Swedish SEK               1.255 USD                  182 EUR                   140 SS-ISO 26000:2010
Switzerland ISO English CHF           192,00 USD                  205 EUR                   157 ISO 26000:2010
Switzerland ISO French CHF           192,00 USD                  205 EUR                   157 ISO 26000:2010
Switzerland ISO Spanish CHF           192,00 USD                  205 EUR                   157 ISO 26000:2010
Turkey TSE English TRY            294,00 USD                  156 EUR                   120 ISO 26000:2010
UK BSI English GBP                  100 USD                  155 EUR                   119 BS ISO 26000:2010
USA ASQ English USD                  169 USD                  169 EUR                   130 ASQ/ANSI/ISO 26000-2010
USA ANSI English USD                  223 USD                  223 EUR                   171 ISO 26000:2010
USA ANSI French USD                  223 USD                  223 EUR                   171 ISO 26000:2010 [F]
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