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There is an increasing discussion about an “ISO 26000 Assessment” mid 2011 onwards. This site and its sub-sites clarify the basics and recommend an action line.

To recall: The ISO 26000 clarifies in its scope (area of application) that it does not contain requirements and therefore

                                               there is no ISO 26000 certification, contractual use etc.

So, since an assessment would also need to be based on requirements,

                                                            there is no ISO 26000 assessment either.

More detailed deliberations include a description of the basic differences between certification and assessment, both performed by so-called "third parties", and a proposal for a way forward, which is perfectly in line with the letter and intent of ISO 26000: by using the 26k-issue-tool.

This way forward is called

                              in English self-analysis,

                                     in French auto-évaluation,

                                          in Spanish auto-evaluación, and

                                                   in German Selbstanalyse

Key to self-assessment is the 26k-issue-tool.





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