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This site offers a series of slides that may be useful for information or for use in preparing own sets of slides for whatever kind of presentation of the ISO 26000 project and its outcome.

The set of slides (1 to 7) is dated June 2009, and based on the results of the WG SR meeting in May 2009 in Quebec City.

It comprises the following downloadable parts:
   1. The Project (a file of 4MB)
    2. Contents
    3. Applicability Aspects
    4. CD Vote
    5. Success Criteria
    6. Risk of Failure
    7. Tool: Check For Effectiveness
    8. DIS Observations and Perspectives, by October 2009; these slides deal with commenting
        and voting on the DIS, and offer some perspectives; it’s a 4MB file;
    9. DIS Voting options and deliberations, Oct. 2009; the slides describe the three levels of
        acceptance of an ISO Standard and offer thoughts on the various voting options
  10. Correct use of ISO 26000, Sept. 2010; these few slides describe in an executive-like
        manner the essentials of the practical application of the guidance document; further the
        offer links to useful tools
  11. Using ISO 26000 in a structured way, presentation to the CSR Europe workshop on
        ISO 26000, London, 21 September 2012
  12. Challenges and concerns of ISO 26000, by NORMAPME; presented to the ISO 26000
        Open Forum and its Workshop in Geneva on 7 and 8 November 2012; all other
        presentations, in PDF format, can be found under


The Check for Effectiveness can be performed by an Effectiveness Matrix, which...

n …Is a tool easy to understand and easy to use
n …Can be used by (quoting the ISO 26000 Scope) „all types of organizations, regardless of
             their size and location“
n …Does not need any advisors or consultants external to the organization
n …Is a good instrument for preparing a dialogue with stakeholders and others 

If you want to learn more about a practical example having used this matrix
(a 30 persons software producing company) please have a look at this file. Another practical example is here (a 70 persons trade association).

Feel free to use this set of slides for your own purposes including integrating some of them into your own presentations.

The authors  would be happy to get your feedback on their practical use, and on your proposals for further improvements, changes or amendments.
Please feel encouraged to send an e-mail to the author of this website.


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