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This website offers an English edition, a Spanish and a German one.

The first group of sites on basics addresses
SR-Dynamics, a brief project description, some deliberations around already practised SR related standards and tools, an estimation of the potential ISO 26000 users, thoughts on the future of SR and a word on certification (because ISO 26000 is a guidance standard and not a certifiable management standard), the outcome of the “Quick User Survey.

The second group deals with the CD stage, i.e. the Committee Draft prepared by the ISO/TMB WG SR (Working Group Social Responsibility), including an estimation of the document itself, the views of other important international organizations, the voting results and the outcome of the “Quick User Survey”.

The third group  deals with the DIS stage, i.e. the Draft International Standard. This site offers information on success criteria, the DIS voting rules, DIS comments, opinions of others,
a DIS vote analysis, and other ones as work progresses.

The fourth group addresses the FDIS/IS, the International Standard stage and the voting by ISO  national member bodies.



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