International standardization is not a cheap matter. The cost estimation below takes the necessary parameters at their lowest possible level. It speaks for itself: It is not meant to say whether the project costs are high or small; it is just an orientation.

The total costs of the project, taking the time from early 2003 till September 2009, sum up to

72 Million US Dollars (51 at WG SR level, 21 at national mirror committees).
Not included are the costs at D-Liaison Organizations.

For the Working Group WG SR the following estimation applies:

Estimation of national meetings’ costs
(Parameters taken at average and low level)
from start up to 2009-09
Number of National Mirror Ctees NC 80
Participants per meeting P 12
Number of meetings (initial, WD1, WD2, WD3, WD4.1, WD4.2, CD) NM 7
Working days (homework plus meeting) WD 8
Productive working days (NC*P*NM*WD) PWD 53760
Cost of working day, in USD CWD 325
Cost of manpower (PWD*CWD) CP 17472000
Travel costs per meeting, in USD TM 450
Cost of travel, sum (NC*P*NM*TM) CT 3024000
Cost of Manpower + Cost of travel 20496000

The formulae are:
work costs = members x meetings x (days per meeting + work days between meetings) x costs per day

Travel cost total = members x meetings x travel & Hotel

Infrastructure costs at ISO are not included.

The costs at national member bodies for meetings of mirror committees are estimated this way:

WG SR costs 51.337.640
Nat. mirror ctee costs 20.496.000
Total project costs 71.833.640
rounded 72 Mio USD

So the total costs from the start of the project to 2009-09 can be added:

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