This is the place to offer some thoughts on the correct use of ISO 26000 and to present good examples of social responsibility actions and social behaviour – with and without reference to ISO 26000.

Correct use of ISO 26000

The guidance standard ISO 26000 is not a management system standard, not for certification or assessment, not for contractual or regulatory use. It is directed to organizations and wants to encourage them to enhance their socially responsible behaviour.

Since a “Guidance standards” is something new in the ISO world, it is in part misconceived and misused, so that it seemed worthwhile to provide some slides with key thoughts on its correct use. Please see the English, Spanish, Norwegian, German, French, and Chinese slides here.

On misconceptions and misuse there is an extra site, demonstrating selected examples.

This site on “Good examples” includes the following sub-sites:

Good examples, using ISO 26000

Good examples without reference to ISO 26000, and, unavoidably, some

Bad examples, where at least one of the responsible stakeholder fails or has failed.

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