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The most frequently asked questions and answers are here in English and German


The “10 golden points on how to use ISO 26000” are available in French.


Los “10 puntos de oro para usar la guía ISO 26000” estan ahora disponible también en español .


Die “10 goldenen Punkte zur ISO 26000 Anwendung” gibt es nun auch auf Deutsch.


The “10 golden points on how to use ISO 26000” are available in English.


“ISO 26001, a management standard on social responsibility?” Perla Puterman, a widely known management systems standards expert, has written this excellent article. It is available here in both English and Spanish.


CSR Europe held a workshop on ISO 26000 to exchange experiences made so far with its effective use. The presentation  “Using ISO 26000 in a structured way” was well received and can be downloaded. Please see item 11 on the sub-site for slides.


Certification failure: In Pakistan a factory burned down and caused over 300 dead workers; the factory had been audited by the Italian Group RINA on behalf of SAI Social Accountability International and given an SA8000 certificate.


Addition of the ISO 26000 strengths and weaknesses in French.


The description of the 26k-issue-tool in Czech language has been added.


If you are interested in knowing more about the ISO 26000 strengths and weaknesses…


The 26k-user-guide and its inherent 26k-issue-tool are now also available in Czech language.


Step Ahead AG is a typical SME. With permission, their application of the completed 26k-issue-tool is published here and may serve as a prime example for effectively using ISO 26000.


DEKRA has certified shimadzu (Austria) to DIN 26000, a standard that does not exist. Another evident case of misusing ISO 26000, and interesting to see the creativity of certification bodies.


Another case of misconception of ISO 26000 is VORERST AG, Germany


Different religions, different cultures and understandings show the limits of CSR/SR harmonization: How an 8 years old boy is punished in Iran.


INUR e.V. in Germany hands over to Quanteo a DIN ISO 26000 Certificate, another evident case of misuse of ISO 26000


SGS Austria, as another case of misconception, talks about “measurement of an organisation’s engagement”, “auditing” and “requirements” of ISO 26000


El documento “Tentaciones de la ISO 26000, Guía de Responsabilidad Social  – Tentaciones, y por qué la certificación es contraproducente para la Responsabilidad Social Sustancial” esta disponible ahora.


Versuchungen des ISO 26000 – und weshalb Zertifizierung für substanzielle gesellschaftliche Verantwortung kontraproduktiv ist


Temptations of ISO 26000, Guidance on Social Responsibility − Temptations, and why certification seems counter-productive to substantive social responsibility


Fokus Prinzip, Austria, advertises ISO 26000 certification like an ONR 192500 certification: another case of misconception


Limasa in Malaga, Spain, received an ISO 26000 certificate (or an ISO 26000 evaluation certificate from BV, another case of misconception


ConceptosEfectivos, a Mexican micro-organization uses ISO 26000 successfully as orientation, another good example applying the 26k-user-guide


You may recall that the WG SR had been disbanded at the end of the Copenhagen meeting in May 2010. As a replacement the PPO (Post Publication Organisation) was established in order to follow up the use and possible misconceptions of ISO 26000, and to encourage the involved stakeholder groups to maintain their internal network.

In its November 2011 meeting the PPO has discussed the notified cases of misconceptions and misuse. This feedback has how now been added to the related cases. Further, two new cases of misconceptions have been identified and notified to ISO: Fuchs&Consorten (Germany) promoting a declaration of conformity, and WESSEM (The Netherlands) announcing that they will soon be certified to ISO 26000.


The 26k-issue-tool and its easy basic  logic is now available also  in Spanish


A brilliantly summarizing article on the status of the project, written by William d’Allesandro, has been additionally published on this website, with his permission.


The 26k-issue-tool and its basic easy logic is now also available in French.


The information on best prices to purchase the ISO 26000 guidance standard has been updated.


The 26k-issue-tool and its basic easy logic are described in English and German; Spanish and French will follow.


The European Commission’s final draft “A renewed EU strategy 2011 – 2014 for Corporate Social Responsibility”


The section on assessment and self-assessment has been restructured. Deliberations and practical recommendations are now available in English, French, Spanish, and German.


Bureau Veritas had included the non-certifiable ISO 26000 into a larger “single and global” certification package for AIF-KLM, Air France Industries; misuse notification to ISO


Expressing our sincere thanks to SSC, on behalf of the 26k website team, for the appreciation of the website’s contents.


The site on “Assessment – Self-assessment” has been amended: the English version is now available.


An Austrian misconception: Austrian Ferngas (OÖ. Ferngas Netz GmbH), a gas pipeline company, states to be “ISO 26000 certified”. This seems to be a cunning way: to be audited and certified against the Austrian national standard ONR 192500, which transposes the ISO 26000 guidance into certifiable requirements, and thereafter claim to be “ISO 26000 certified”. It will be interesting to see whether ISO tolerates this because it discredits the essence of ISO 26000 and any further “ISO guidance standard”. See the details here.


Deliberations and explanations on “Assessment – self-assessment” are now available in German, including a logo for the indication of the successful use of ISO 26000. The English and Spanish versions will follow soon


Misconception: DNV gives the impression as if there was an ISO 26000 assessment and that ISO 26000 is part of a certifiable package called “CSR performance Ladder”


NEC prefers an ISO 26000 oriented stakeholder dialogue, not certification, a very good example


Found a valuable article on Synergies between the new ISO Standard 26000 Guidance for social Responsibility and the Earth Charter”.


An extra page has been added for the 26k-issue-tool, a tool that allows to easily identify those ISO 26000 recommendations which would be worthwhile to follow.


For the “NORMAPME ISO 26000 user guide for European SMEs” an English set of slides can be downloaded. It may be helpful for getting a quick orientation. Readers of this website may feel free using the slides for their own purposes.


The “NORMAPME ISO 26000 user guide for European SMEs” is now also available in French and Spanish.


The “NORMAPME ISO 26000 user guide for European SME” is available. It addresses only those ISO 26000 recommendations that may be relevant for European SME.


Die “NORMAPME ISO 26000 Nutzerhinweise für europäische KMU” sind verfügbar. Sie sprechen nur die ISO-26000-Empfehlungen an, die für europäische Kleine und Mittlere Unternehmen relevant sein können.


Publication of an article on “Trying to position ISO 26000”, resulting from an interview with the VDMA (Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau – German Engineering Federation) is one of the key association service providers in Europe and offers the largest engineering industry network in Europe.


Preparation for presenting the NORMAPME ISO 26000 user guide for European SME (small and medium-sized enterprises)


Sorry for any inconveniences caused by broken links, so that downloadable files could not be downloaded any more. That has now been fixed throughout the website.


The good example of NCRCL, India, in helping ISO 26000 users applying the “guidance standard” correctly has been added


Restructuring the site on “Good examples, correct use of ISO 26000” into a main and three sub-sites for easier access and maintenance


For German readers: BWRMedia warnt vor ISO 26000 Zertifizierungen (English: BWRMedia cautions against ISO 26000 Certification)


The sheet on Best Prices for ISO 26000 has been updated


German position paper on non-certification of ISO 26000, dated 2010-12, by government and industry; in view of a uselessly continuing discussion of ISO 26000 certification this paper seems to be useful to know.


Addition of a comprehensive ISO 26000 price list, where to get the document cheapest


“Kinds of ISO 26000 misuse” are now also available in Spanish, thanks to the generous support from Miguel in Buenos Aires


In applying the 26k-User-Guide and its inherent 26k-Issue-Tool, there are two good examples of checking the ISO 26000 recommendations with the reality of a micro-organization. It is a German pharmacy and a German dental clinic. The main recognition is that the ISO 26000 may not maintain its claim to be really useful for micro-organizations, when be reviewed in 2013. in other legal spaces this may be different but for Germany these examples may be considered a benchmark.


The ISO 26000 User Guide, including the 26k-issue-tool and related documents are now also available in Chinese language


Good example: Keidanren, the important Japanese Business Association, includes the relevant ISO 26000 parts into their Charter and Implementation Guide, a brilliant solution for Keidanren, its members and everyone in the world who wants to use this Charter and Implementation Guide.


The slides on “Correct use of ISO 26000” are now available, thanks to the colleagues at IFAN (the world’s Federation of standards users), in French language “Pour une bonne utilisation de la norme ISO 26000”.


Inclusion of the ASQ price in the US for ISO 26000:2010, which is 128 Euro (169 US$), see Best Prices


Four cases of misrepresentation and the Role of the ISO 26000 PPO Post-Publication-Organization; with permission of Victor House, William D’Alessandro


SAS, the Swiss accreditation services management systems group met and raised awareness to the SAS accredited certification bodies that ISO 26000 is not for certification. Swiss TS, having issued such a certificate, attended the meeting. See details.


Thoughts on the future development of society related standards are open for discussion.


The website has got a new structure, with the development phase of the ISO 26000 as “history”.


Austrian Standards Institute offers ISO 26000:2010 in German or English for 98,40 Euro


The language of ISO 26000 user guide in French has been reviewed and finally cleaned.


The article “ISO 26000 applicability” is available in English


Update of the Swiss TS case, see the “Final notes” at the end of this entry


NSAI, the National Standards Authority of Ireland informed that their price for the ISO 26000 is 50 Euro, the best price known so far


Swiss TS with Co-op Winterthur (Switzerland) is a paramount example that shows how the guidance standard is misused for certification; in the Swiss TS case ISO acted along the IAF/ISO communiqué promptly and requested to withdraw the certificate


reference is made to the ISO press release of 30 November 2010: It’s crystal clear. No certification to ISO 26000 guidance standard on social responsibility


The 26k-User-Guide is now available in perfect French (thanks to Nuria for having corrected the precedingn Google translation. Please go to 26k-guide-d’utilisation.


The IAF/ISO joint communiqué on acting against misuse of ISO 26000: IAF and ISO have decided to jointly act against the misuse of ISO 26000 for certification; a really good development! IAF says that there will not be any accredited certification, ISO will list  certification bodies that promote or offer ISO 26000 certification.


Die aktuelle deutsche Fassung der Nutzerhinweise einschließlich des Werkzeuges zum Identifizieren und Selektieren der realistischerweise machbaren Handlungsfelder ist nun verfügbar. The updated 26k-User-Guide is now available in German, including the 26k-issue-tool for identifying and selecting those issues that can be readily achievable.


A headline in Chile talks about ISO 26000 as a standard for certification


Three prices found, varying between 139 and 195 Euro for one copy of ISO 26000


The 26k-User-Guide with its inherent 26k-Issue-Tool are available now also in Spanish; La 26k-Guia-del-Usuario, con su inherente 26k-Asuntos-Herramienta, estan disponibles ahora tambien.


Best Price: 165€ was found for FDIS 26000, offered by DIN


The WSBI (World Saving Banks Institute) comments on ISO/FDIS 26000 are available. Key statement: The WSBI is not in a position to express its full and formal backing to FDIS 26000.


The IOE (International Organisation of Employers) comments on ISO/FDIS 26000 are available for download. Key statement: …. Thus, the IOE is unable to provide its full and formal backing for ISO (FDIS) 26000 and must withhold it support.


The ICC (International Chamber of Commerce) comments on  ISO/FDIS 26000 are available for download. Key statement: ICC is unable to provide its “full and formal backing” of ISO (FDIS) 26000, and therefore must withhold its support.


Ahora tambien pueden descargarse las diapositivas sobre el “Uso correcto de la guía ISO 26000”.


The updated 26k-User-Guide is available in English; it is based on ISO 26000 as published on 1 November 2010 and contains 18 concrete tips.


Preparing a site for best prices to purchase ISO 26000, and one for listing organizations having expressed their support for the 26k-User-Guide


Availability of the slides on “Correct use of ISO 26000” in Norwegian language


Ein Foliensatz “Korrekte Anwendung des ISO 26000” soll helfen, dass ISO 26000 ein wirklicher Erfolg wird.


Availability of a short set of slides “Correct use of ISO 26000”; it may help making ISO 26000 a real success


Inclusion of the final scope wording on non-certification into the site on “ Misconception and misuse”, and update of the presentation of ACI Ltd., Hong Kong, as a most prominent case of misuse


der NORMAPME-Entwurf zur Kommentierung des ISO/FDIS 26000 ist hier verfügbar, mit der Kernaussage in deutscher Sprache; der NORMAPME-Entwurf ist Englisch. Die Abstimmungsfrist läuft von 12. Juli bis 12. September 2010


NORMAPME has made its draft comments on ISO/FDIS 26000 available; the two-months voting period lasts from 12 July to 12 September 2010


The User Guide is now available in French as “Manuel d’Utilisation ISO 26000” jointly with the check tool as “Outil de Vérification”.


Showing the way how to get the “ISO 26000 User Guide” in other languages than English, Spanish, French or German


Misconception and misuse: The Corporativo Grupo Tampico informs that “Now, it will be our objective to obtain an ISO 26000 certificate…”


The Vanheede Envirnomental Group misconceives ISO 26000 by envisaging an ISO 26000 audit


Mondial Movers receives ISO 26000 Leader Award, from DHV, an interesting case of misconceiving and thereby misusing ISO 26000


The “ISO 26000 User Guide” and its “Check Tool” are now also available in German as “Nutzungshinweise” mit zugehöriger “Checkliste” and in Spanish as “Guía del Usuario ISO 26000” y su “Herramienta de Empleo”


The “Lean Swing”; or:  Will ISO 2600 cause an increase of (over-)administration or an increase of substantial contributions to Social Responsibility? (English, Spanish, German)


Availability of the “ISO 26000 User Guide” and its “Check Tool”


Amendment of chapter “The main misconceptions about ISO 26000”


Added a good example: The carpenter on the Swabian Alps


A few examples of incorrect announcements or use have been added under Misuse of ISO 26000


The introduction to the BIAC comments on ISO/DIS 26000 are now also available in Spanish; the comments in detail are in English


The BIAC comments on ISO/DIS 26000 are available in English and German; BIAC is the Business and Industry Advisory Committee of the OECD; the DIS is not supported to advance towards FDIS.


Introduction of  “categories” or KINDS of MISUSE of ISO 26000, which are open for discussion.


Availability of the IFAN comments on ISO/DIS 26000. Also the International Federation of Standards Users proposes a second DIS, see the English, Spanish or German site.


Availability of the IOE position on ISO/DIS 26000, which expresses also not to support advancing the document to the next FDIS stage. De facto, IOE proposes a second DIS. See the English, Spanish and German entry.


Availability of the ICC position on ISO/DIS 26000, which expresses not to support advancing the document to the next FDIS stage. The International Chamber of Commerce proposes a second DIS. See the English, Spanish or German site.


Redesign of the site on “Misuse” and adding sites on “How to use ISO 26000”, which will be completed in time


Updates on the misuse site: Reminder to ACI Hong Kong; the NSAI (ISO member body of Ireland) website is now correct as regards ISO 26000


Who are the experts and who will finally approve the guidance standard; and why is this important to know? Observations by Rolf Schneider, US Industry expert to WG SR.


NORMAPME is the European association of SMEs for Standardization and represents over 12 million enterprises in all European countries. NORMAPME calls for the rejection of the current DIS text. The information is available in English, Spanish and German.


An ISO 26000 sales estimation is available, summing up at 1 billion Euro in the first 3 to 5 years


There is a Swedish Letter sent to various ISO member bodies, judging the DIS sufficiently mature and announcing the Swedish vote in favor; it deserves a comparison with known facts, please see the English, Spanish or German entry


Paul Hohnen, GRI, has published an interesting article that the passage of the DIS is by far not certain, please see the English, Spanish or German entry


Amendment of proposed comments on ISO/DIS 26000 by describing features of an “ISO 26000 compact” in English, Spanish, and German,  a condensed document that wouldn’t exceed 30 pages

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